Brauchen sie ein Umzug betrieb in die niederlande dan sind man hier am richtige Adresse.

Alle mannen spreche englisch sehr gut und sie können deutsch verstehen un ein bissen sprechen.

Was können wir ihr anbieden:

  • Starke un fitte mennen fur umzug
  • Fahrers fur Pkw und Lkw
  • Viele extra handen
  • Sehr betrouwernswehrtig und freundliche Arbeiters

Sie können uns contacten auf mail: order anrufe auf +31631003004


Moving made simple and done right.

All of the staff speak English in a fluent manner. Some of us even speak French and/ or german . Communicating with non-native or expats is therefore not a problem. Our skillset is very diverse. We can handle diverse jobs and tasks in and around your current or new house/appartement.

What can we offer you?:

  • Young, fit and strong people.
  • Driver with up to license CE (Truck + trailer).
  • 24 hours a day service.
  • As many extra hands as you need.
  • For a total care free transport.
  • On top of this all, our boys are polite and trustworthy and your request is our primary concern.
  • You pay per hour per employee and we can guarantee that we are faster than anyone else.

IMG_6216_Vierkant (Large)
Tips and Tricks for moving purposes: Umzug

  • Pack as much as possible in boxes.
  • Dismantle as much as possible.
  • Leave sheets on the mattresses (they are washable, the mattress isn’t).
  • Make sure that all the utilities are ended the day before the move.
  • Make sure that TV/internet/telephone will be connected the day after the move.
  • Color/code the boxes for the new house with stickers.
  • With these things in mind you can save up to 20-50% on the moving time and therefore save on your expenditure.

You can contact us at or call +31631003004