Moving in the Hague

Moving made simple and done right.

All of the staff speak English in a fluent manner. Some of us even speak French and/ or german . Communicating with non-native or expats is therefore not a problem. Our skillset is very diverse. We can handle diverse jobs and tasks in and around your current or new house/appartement.

What can we offer you?:

  • Young, fit and strong people.
  • Driver with up to license CE (Truck + trailer).
  • 24 hours a day service.
  • As many extra hands as you need.
  • For a total care free transport.
  • On top of this all, our boys are polite and trustworthy and your request is our primary concern.
  • You pay per hour per employee and we can guarantee that we are faster than anyone else.

IMG_6216_Vierkant (Large)
Tips and Tricks for moving purposes:

  • Pack as much as possible in boxes.
  • Dismantle as much as possible.
  • Leave sheets on the mattresses (they are washable, the mattress isn’t).
  • Make sure that all the utilities are ended the day before the move.
  • Make sure that TV/internet/telephone will be connected the day after the move.
  • Color/code the boxes for the new house with stickers.
  • With these things in mind you can save up to 20-50% on the moving time and therefore save on your expenditure.

You can contact us at or call +31631003004