Cheap movers across The Netherlands

Are you searching for strong men to help You as cheap movers?

So as you can see here, we specialize in moving and efficient stacking . ( Shurgard Tetris )




Our scope :

Removals within WHOLE NETHERLANDS .

What do we offer for you :

Young , fit and strong people
Moving vans to 25 m3
Truck drivers with category (CE).
Truck drivers for large BE combination
24-hour moving (any hours of the day/night)
Many extra hands, as You want, when moving
The complete transport and the regulation of the desired transport
What certainly is not insignificant , is that our guys are reliable and courteous and your needs are first and foremost.
You pay per hour per employee and we are guaranteed faster than anyone else.
You pay from the departure place and that is The Hague and Breda
For more information on moving please mail to : or

If you have not received an answer within 24 hours to your email , you can always get in touch by calling the following telephone number : +31 ( 0 ) 70-2157391 or 06-31003004 . For clarity, for You and for us we aim to proceed all the communications from the mail. Then we always have all the arrangements for you and for us in black and white .

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